Meet Muddy, Buddy & Cassidy

These three ducks were all abandoned by thoughtless folks in a park in Illinois.

Winter soon came and all the wild ducks left for greener pastures while these guys watched the food disappear and the park's pond freeze to a mere puddle. A couple of compassionate individuals stepped in and arranged their rescue and transport to the sanctuary.

They are an inseparable trio, and Cassidy and Buddy can't help but be charmed by Muddy's chronic muddiness!

Registration open for 2016 classes

We are very excited to announce that registration has opened for the next Vegan Permaculture Design Course, Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard, and Mushroom Cultivation with the folks at Fungi Ally.

Check out the links below or look under the "Events" section of our website for all the great upcoming classes.

Vegan Permaculture Design Certificate Course: October 1-13

Mushroom Cultivation Course: October 16-17

Restoration Agriculture Course: October 17-19