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Animals are rescued from abusive industrial farming operations and brought to the farm to live out their natural lives. At Wild Earth, animals are not only given a chance to recover from intensive confinement and suffering, but are also offered a life lived more in line with their nature, one in which they can participate fully in the local ecosystem and contribute to its biological systems. We are working towards a future where farmed animals, once exploited, can attain a different value through their bonding with people and through forming symbiotic relationships with plants grown for food.

Wild Earth Sanctuary is currently a home for a variety of rescued potbellied pigs, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, and turtles! All have been rescued from abuse, abandonment, or neglect. While we'd like to, unfortunately we cannot accept all types of animals, wild or injured animals, or any drop offs. Currently we are accepting ducks (females only), rabbits, turtles and turkeys. Contact us at wildearthfarm@gmail.com for more details or if you'd like to be added to our animal transporters list, to help bring animals to safety.


  • Dog: $12/month

  • Pig: $11/month

  • Cat: $9/month

  • Duck: $8/month

  • Chicken: $7/month

  • Turtle: $5/month

  • Sponsor one of each animal: $52/month

Thank you for saving animals!

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Featured Friends:


Meet Grace and Johnnie:

Grace and Johnnie were another couple ducks abandoned by thoughtless people at a forest preserve, where they faced certain death.  They were thought to be a mated pair until the following spring when mating season rolled around and that theory was thrown out the window--Grace was a boy!  Now Johnnie and Grace are still buds, along with Ronnie (meet Ronnie below), although the former life of neglect has taken its toll.  Grace walks with a perpetual limp and painful arthritis from injuries she no doubt suffered from the time when she was carelessly tossed into the woods to defend for herself.  Please do not give ducks as holiday pets or take them on yourself unless you are committed to caring for them for their long lives.

Meet Chandra:

Chandra's favorite pastime is attempting to play with the pigs, much to their exasperation. He also enjoys hiking, basking in the sun, getting baths, and being the protector of the farm. Chandra was relinquished to the Sanctuary when his people put their farm up for sale and headed south. They were sorry to say goodbye to such a great guy but are happy he has found his forever home in a compassionate sanctuary environment. They'd never have guessed his fondness for pigs!

Meet Henry:

Henry was rescued from a shelter in Illinois where he was given up without explanation. Sadly, this is the fate of many potbelly pigs who are seen as small, easy house pets by people who are sometimes not prepared for an 80-pound pig's unique needs. Henry is big brother to the other, smaller pigs on the sanctuary. He is their protector, and on cold nights, will make sure little guys are warm and cozy, even if that means sitting on them!

Meet Muddy, Buddy and Cassidy:

These three ducks were all abandoned by thoughtless folks in a park in Illinois. Winter soon came and all the wild ducks left for greener pastures while these guys watched the food disappear and the park's pond freeze to a mere puddle. A couple of compassionate individuals stepped in and arranged their rescue and transport to the sanctuary. They are an inseparable trio, and Cassidy and Buddy can't help but be charmed by Muddy's chronic muddiness!

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Meet Jax:

Jax is an intelligent and loving Shepherd mix who loves to play! From the first time we met him, he had the biggest smile on his face and we just couldn't resist his friendly and inquisitive nature.  But he was so thin that his ribs were showing, he was not neutered, and his ears were completely full of ticks. There was no question--he needed the care that comes with a life-long home at a sanctuary.


Meet Kippy:

Kippy is a lively little Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. When we first met her, she was cowering and shivering, terrified and cold in a tiny cage. We knew her chances of adoption were slim. But as soon as we took her to the sanctuary, she brightened up and showed us how talented she was at jumping! Now she has an entire farm to run around and a warm home to cuddle up in when she's all tuckered out.

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Meet Ronnie:

Ronnie's favorite past times are swimming, bathing, foraging, hanging out with his best friends Johnnie and Grace, and getting into trouble with Cassidy's boyfriends, Muddy and Buddy!  Oops!


 Meet Stella:

Stella is a little pig with big attitude! With beautiful beseeching golden eyes, Stella is the only lady in the crowd, and she prides herself on being able to get out of anything, a little piggie Houdini!  Stella was found by a caring family, roaming the city streets and they knew just where to take her--a sanctuary where she would be loved and allowed to live out her life in peace!

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Meet Dillinger:

Dillinger was a beloved pet and his family was absolutely heartbroken to see him go.  He is best friends with Henry and Stella and is a well-behaved and shy gentle soul.  But watch out!  He's been known to take apart a whole barn of hay bales overnight to make himself the fluffiest bed ever!


Meet Fiona:

Fiona has completely transformed since she has been living at Wild Earth. Shy and nervous around humans, she would hide from us when we would visit her. With a bit of persistence (and lots of treats), she has let go of her anxiety. She will climb out of the water to greet you and even take pieces of food right out of your hand! Walk by her field and see her sunbathing on the rocks when you come visit!


Meet Umber:

Umber is an independent cat who loves to roam the woods, while never venturing so far that he can’t hear the call for dinner! More reserved than his brothers and sisters, he prefers climbing trees to cuddling, and luckily for him, Wild Earth has hundreds of forested acres to explore.


Meet Ruby:

Known as the farm’s most adventurous cat, Ruby is always exploring! He can be found investigating interesting sounds in the woods, staring at a particularly fascinating bug, or even sneaking into the pigs’ field to steal a drink of their water. We love watching Ruby to see where his inquisitive nature leads him next!


Meet Carmine:

Carmine has melted our hearts with her gentle nature. Affectionate and not afraid to show it, she will purr when you brush the fur behind her ears. Notice the calmness you feel when you interact with her. You might not be able to hear her soft voice over the other cats, but she will wait patiently for your attention.  Come see for yourself!

In Memorium:



Nicknamed “the mad scientist” for her head of wild gray hair, Saffron was an energetic and affectionate young cat. No matter what you are busy doing, Saffron approached you with headbutts and loud purrs that demand your attention. After a day of adventuring in the woods with her brothers and sisters, she was always happy to curl up in your lap! You are missed Saffron.

Become a monthly animal sponsor:

  • Dog: $12/month

  • Pig: $11/month

  • Cat: $9/month

  • Duck: $8/month

  • Turtle: $5/month

  • One of each animal: $45/month

Thank you for saving animals!