Animals are rescued from abusive industrial farming operations and brought to the farm to live out their natural lives. At Wild Earth, animals are not only given a chance to recover from intensive confinement and suffering, but are also offered a life lived more in line with their nature, one in which they can participate fully in the local ecosystem and contribute to its biological systems. We are working towards a future where farmed animals, once exploited, can attain a different value through their bonding with people and through forming symbiotic relationships with plants grown for food.

Wild Earth Sanctuary took in many rescued animals in our first year--pigs, ducks and dogs. The sanctuary is currently at capacity and we are  unable to take in more rescued farmed animals at this time.  Please check back with us next year, when we will resume taking in animals, goat-sized and smaller.

Thank you for your continued support.

Featured Friends:

Meet Chandra:

Chandra's favorite pastime is attempting to play with the pigs, much to their exasperation. He also enjoys hiking, basking in the sun, getting baths, and being the protector of the farm. Chandra was relinquished to the Sanctuary when his people put their farm up for sale and headed south. They were sorry to say goodbye to such a great guy but are happy he has found his forever home in a compassionate sanctuary environment. They'd never have guessed his fondness for pigs!

Meet Henry:

Henry was rescued from a shelter in Illinois where he was given up without explanation. Sadly, this is the fate of many potbelly pigs who are seen as small, easy house pets by people who are sometimes not prepared for an 80-pound pig's unique needs. Henry is big brother to the other, smaller pigs on the sanctuary. He is their protector, and on cold nights, will make sure little guys are warm and cozy, even if that means sitting on them!

Meet Muddy, Buddy and Cassidy:

These three ducks were all abandoned by thoughtless folks in a park in Illinois. Winter soon came and all the wild ducks left for greener pastures while these guys watched the food disappear and the park's pond freeze to a mere puddle. A couple of compassionate individuals stepped in and arranged their rescue and transport to the sanctuary. They are an inseparable trio, and Cassidy and Buddy can't help but be charmed by Muddy's chronic muddiness!