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Wild Earth envisions a new food system where plants, animals and people thrive within the natural world through a sustainable system of mutual aid.

Plants: Nature is the preeminent food producer. We are working to build a new form of agriculture, replacing the existing domination and manipulation of plants and the natural world with a method of farming which reintegrates nature, builds the soil, and celebrates wildness. Through organic permaculture and the creation of food forests, where plants are grown respectfully in a manner which closely mimics nature, as well as through the widespread dissemination of wild food knowledge, we are working to create a new relationship with farming.

Farmed Animals: Animals are rescued from abusive industrial farming operations and brought to the farm to live out their natural lives. At Wild Earth, animals are not only given a chance to recover from intensive confinement and suffering, but are also offered a life lived more in line with their nature, one in which they can participate fully in the local ecosystem and contribute to its biological systems. We are working towards a future where farmed animals, once exploited, can attain a different value through their bonding with people, each other, and through forming symbiotic relationships with plants grown for food.

People: Wild Earth Farm cultivates a re-wilding of humanity through holistic education, skills building, respect for indigenous knowledge, and an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with members of other species of plants and animals.

Nature: At Wild Earth Farm and Sanctuary, we are committed to preserving the ecological community. A significant percentage of our land will always be designated as wildlife habitat.